Telist 6.0

- Instant Messaging and Chat over local area network
- Import contacts from MSN Messenger
- Communication with Skype
- New field (Company)
- Memos more personalized
- Tasks function improved
- Automatic data encryption

Telist 5.1
- Creation of private or shared groups
- Connection with the MSN Messenger
- Notification of new e-mail messages
- Export to .DOC .XLS and .TXT
- Database Backup
- Personalized Sounds

Telist 5.0
- Access database locally or by network
- Creation of users with permissions
- Creation of groups of contact
- Tasks System with more options
- Possibility to insert three cell numbers by name
- Possibility to insert two email addresses by name
- Personalized Memos System
- Two print styles
- Importation of lists created in Telist 4.3
- Developed in 7 languages

Telist 4.3
- Telist is now freeware supported by advertising (Adware)
- Possibility to insert two cell numbers by contact
- Communication with ICQ to sending messages
- Possibility to insert memos in the Windows desktop
- Search system already allows you to locate for Address and Comments
- Bug in the alarm function was corrected

Telist 4.2
- Some bug has been corrected in dialing function with US Robotics, Acer, etc.
- Print contacts was improved
- Possibility to print in envelopes
- Was inserted a new field to photos
- Alarm function allows date

Telist 4.1
- Small bugs had been corrected in the dialing of the numbers through the modem and in the sound of the alarm
- Alarm function had improvements

Telist 4.0
- Supports Windows NT operative system
- New fields: 2 telephone numbers; two numbers of fax; ICQ and email SMS
- All fields appear in the main window
- Uninstall option
- Was created a Toolbar
- Was created a reminders list
- Was created a search system
- Connection with Browser and e-mail program
- More print options
- Possibility to start with Windows
- Has the possibility to be always active, icon is always in the System Tray
- More options to anniversaries

Telist 3.0
- New fields: Cellular, Beep, Email, URL, Address and Comments
- Anniversaries reminder
- Multi user and multi lists
- Print contact list
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